There's nothing like owning your own home. A home can be your own haven, your own oasis - Home Sellers of Minnesota can help unlock the door to your dreams! Buying a home can be an exciting and also a complex adventure. With our experience and expertise we'll guide you through the whole process, step-by-step. Our goal is to make it as enjoyable & stress-free as possible. Oh, and we don't charge a fee to the buyer for representation! 

 We'll also spend time learning your personal real estate needs, based on:
  • Your preferred price range
  • Style & size of home you want/need
  • Area(s) you want to look in
  • Extras you would like
  • Your timeframe 
  • Do you have an existing house you need to sell first
  • How you can get a mortgage
WHY SHOULD I GET A MORTGAGE?  In today's market you need to be pre-approved for a mortgage for a few reasons: you need to know what you qualify for in buying a property - there's nothing worse than falling in love with a home and finding out you don't qualify to purchase it. Also, sellers typically will not even look at offers without a pre-approval letter - they need to see proof that you do actually qualify to buy that home. Plus you'll be able to close on a property quicker with being pre-approved. 

Getting pre-approved is an essential part of buying a home but we can help you with this! We work with several great mortgage companies that can help find the right loan that works for you - click on the Mortgage Lender tab for a list (with links) to some of the local Lenders that our clients have been happy with. Always feel free to call us to discuss options and/or if you have any questions or if you want to start looking.

WHAT DO I NEED? Once you decide on the lender you want to work with they will usually give you a list of information they will need from you in regards to your income, expenses, and obligations so they can start the pre-approval process. Got bad credit? That's okay. Many lenders will help you find a solution to your credit problems. 

Now, let's get busy and find you The Home of Your Dreams!